Audio Production and Editing Technician

July 2017 -- UCAP is looking for an experienced audio production and editing technician, to work on the post-production, editing, and publishing of the episodes of the Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast, and its associated productions.

Professional or experienced-amateur audio editing, and project management skills required. Sample workflow listed below.

Assist in the finishing and posting of 2-3 episodes of the podcast each month, along with companion marketing and branding elements.

A real commitment to the work is required. Be able to accomplish the 4-6 man-hours of work on each episode, within 72 hours of the recording of each episode.

A promise of confidentiality will be required. Ideal candidates should not be involved with any other aviation podcast.

There is no real compensation for this work, though a small stipend per episode will be paid, as well as occasional perks available.

Contact Jack Hodgson, Provide info about, and samples of, other related work.

We're hoping to have this person on the team by early fall.


Example workflow