Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2019 09:21:01 -0600
Subject: The real answer to Helicopter right seat

Good evening Jack,

First and foremost let me say THANK YOU for all the effort you, Dave and Jeb put in to the podcast. I commute 60 minutes each way to work and back home every day. That gives me 10 hours a week of listening to all of you. I love the show and the topics.

I’m a commercial helicopter pilot and Instrument Single Engine Land Airplane pilot. To date I still have not heard you all say the true reason PIC is in the right seat of the helicopter.

In a helicopter the collective is on the left side of the seat whether you are sitting in the right OR left seat and then obviously the cyclic is between your legs. In a helicopter you ALWAYS have to hold the cyclic. Unlike a plane that can be trimmed out and let go of the yoke. Therefore, that leaves the only free hand always being your left no matter which seat you are in. If you are acting as the sole pilot and sitting in the left seat that would mean reaching across your body to make all radio or panel changes. This is an awkward feeling. When sitting in the right seat you can always hold the cyclic and have your left hand free to work the panel without reaching across your body.

I hope this make sense to you and the boys. Keep up the great work. I hope our paths cross some day as I would like to shake your hand and introduce myself.

Mike M
St. Louis MO