Email from Stefan B

From: Stefab B
Date: August 30 2019
Subject: Nashua fly-in

Hi Jack,

Just listend to UCAP484 - thanks for the shout-out!

Yes, we indeed had to file IFR to hop over to Norwood. The ceiling was about 1500ft, and the whole flight was in actual. Dave is absolutely right - that's what the rating is for.

Funny that the show started with more than usual thuderstorm... We ended up postponing our return flight to Sunday morning because of a heavy line that triggered some tornado warings in Syracuse. Sunday morning was smooth-sailing VFR, but in the afternoon the next line of thunderstorms rolled through Syracuse. Weather flying is all about timing.

And congratulations on the 13th! Scary to think I have been listening to the show for almost 13 years - my first episode was a single-digit one back in 2006.

Blue skies and tailwinds