Email from RigaRunner

Date: Sept 3 2019
Subject: Accuracy of ADS-B


I fly with ADS-B out on a Garmin 345 transponder and I watch the ADS-B in on my iPad with Foreflight. I'm in a 2004 Cirrus SR22 (Generation Two) -- the one with two Garmin 430W's and the Avidyne PFD and MFD.

Actually, I find the ADS-B traffic is more accurate and informative on Foreflight than is the traffic alerts on the Avidyne MFD. On both long trips such as to Oshkosh and to Missouri recently, we had excellent coverage of traffic, including being able to identify and track other planes that ATC was talking to. Of course, the ADS-B readout is more complete than the one on the Cirrus (which I believe is Goodrich's SkyWatch (R) Traffic Avoidance System), because it indicates the tail number, direction of flight, and altitude. SkyWatch only gives relative altitude and whether the object is climbing or descending, and it often does not show an aircraft that ADS-B is indicating.

On the other hand, the XM Weather on the Cirrus is much superior to the ADS-B readout, giving a much more defined picture of the storm cells, rainfall, etc. ADS-B weather looks more like something from a child's coloring book.

By the way, I thought the best part of the off-field landing of the week was the Russian pilot's ability to land in a cornfield without the full load of fuel on board catching fire. Must have been a very smooth, wheels-up landing. Brian

Brian C.
aka RigaRunner

Rigarunner's Cirrus