Since you mentioned Old Rhinebeck

From: Stefan B

Jack, Jeb, Dave,

Since you asked about Old Rhinebeck: it so happens i visited them on July 19, 2020 for some open cockpit rides. They weren’t doing any of the airshows yet, but they were more than happy to sell rides in the New Standard.

What a blast! The folks were most friendly, and gave us personal tours of some of the airplanes there - including the 2nd oldest flying airplane in the world. And they can use the business - like everyone else, they had a terrible year...

And frankly, if you are looking for a COVID-save activity, an open-cockpit airplane ride is about the safest thing you can do...

So I can highly recommend it - just make sure you call them ahead of time to make sure they can schedule a pilot.


Ps: bring a face mask - it comes in handy in the New Standard - for once not because of COVID...
Pps: You can actually fly in to Old Rhinebeck - but you need to call ahead and be comfortable with 2200ft of gras in a slight curve with 100ft trees on both ends. If that’s too much - Kingston airport is about 7 mines away.

Some pictures attached...

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