## Twitter message from Joel O ## Subject: upgrading to a more powerful plane Hi Jack. I’m a huge fan of the Uncontrolled Airspace podcast. Have you ever tackled the question of a pilot and owner looking to move up to a higher performance plane? I have a Beech Musketeer 180hp and 500 hours PIC, about half cross country. The Musketeer is great, cruises about 120kt. A fantastic time builder with better performance than the venerable but slow Skyhawk. I’m looking to do an instrument rating and my ride needs an upgrade for avionics and autopilot for more serious x-country flying I’d like to do. I would ideally look for something ~50kts faster during the upgrade. Family of four with luggage and the mission is generally going about 700NM. Jeb recently referred to the V tailed Bonanza by its “doctor killer” name :-( I hope he was just having fun. Thanks Jack.