## Follow-up UCAP 1009 ## (email from "anonymous airline pilot") Date: Sep 6,2020 Subject: Follow-up UCAP 1009 Your discussion of the FedEX gear issue in LAX "jostled" my memory of a 2005 incident with a G-V belonging to Nike Corporation. They took off from KHIO (Hilsboro, OR) east of PDX and due to some corrosion in a gear mechanism the inner gear door on the right main gear got out of sequence and lodged between the two main gear tires preventing it's retraction. They were headed to Toronto so they had plenty of fuel and circled for five hours trying various solutions. They even tried what you asked about which is an attempted "bounce-down" of the gear. (There is video of this somewhere) They eventually shutdown an engine to remove hydraulic power from that door and peformed a negative g maneuver which eventually dislodged the gear and a normal landing was performed. There is video out there because I remember seeing it on the interwebs that day. I have pasted some relevant links below. [seattle times](https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/jet-with-nike-execs-lands-safely-after-landing-gear-scare/) [ainonline](https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2007-01-16/nike-gv-incident-results-gulfstream-service-letter) As for Jeb's comment about the G limitations of transport category aircraft, the 767 positive/negative load limits is 2.5g/-1.0 with the flaps up and 2.0g/-0.0 with the flaps down. This is standard for several of the large and small jets i've flown so it's likely a certification standard. I've heard hard landing inspections are triggered in the neighborhood of a 1.5 to 1.8g touchdown, so the FedEx pilots could have tried to bounce it down and that would have maybe created some movement. However, asking a line pilot to do a rejected landing (which is practiced maybe once a year in the sim) to try and bounce down the gear invites other risks. It's considered a rejected landing at the point when thrust is reduced from appoach idle and is usually below 100 feet or because of a hard bounce. It seems the FedEx crew made a good choice and did what many airlines train their crews to do. Create time and expand your team as best you can. -Annonymous Airline Pilot [scannerfood.com](http://scannerfood.com/files/media/Nike%20Gulfstream%20Landing%20Gear/pictureshowingproblem.jpg) ![bad gear bizjet](http://uncontrolledairspace.com/articles/2020/2020-09-06-imgs/bad-gear-bizjet.png) --- (another email, same day) Also...I was literally walking the bike loop around Bowman Field as Dave was relating the story of the 172 that caught the wires over the Ohio River... --