## Email subject: "Episode 500" I just finish listening to episode #500 where you mentioned the jet pack sighting at LAX. I don’t know if you have seen the jet pack that has been flying by a company in California for some time. Very similar to the Bell jet pack that was in the Jame Bond movie but uses two mini jet engines. See jetpackaviation.com. You also mentioned on the 737 max discussion about the angle-of-attack warning indicator. If I recall the airlines could order a warning light for a defective AOA indicator. But some airlines did not order that option. However the light was installed on the aircraft even if it was not functioning. So many pilots believed they had that capability. I recall reading that somewhere. Not sure if that is a true fact. Checkout the jetpackaviation.com website. They even have a lot of Utube videos. Love the podcast! Mike P Cessna Long EZ Sent from my iPad