## Email subject: Listener Sergey As I'm not sure that you still read the forum (no link for it on main page) I'll post my comment here :) Feel free to remove it if you find it inappropriate to comment here. Hi, guys! My congratulations to your 14th anniversary!!! Time went by so quickly! Listened to each and every episode:) But back to the episode - whilst discussing the one gear up landing you've mentioned the TV clip with an airliner landing with its nose on a pickup truck, that of course was a joke. But there were cases when transport airplanes used the truck to support the wing landing with failed gear on one side. At least one we know for sure, although it was done on purpose to film a tense situation for a movie. There was an IL-14 coming back to its home field and the right gear failed to lower. They've cycled the gear several times and tried to shake it out while hitting the ground with the left gear but to no luck. Then they decided to get an apparently empty fuel truck with some tires on top to drive as quickly as it can along side the landing plane to rest the tip of the right wing on it and slow down together. Here's the link to this part of the movie on YouTube [https://youtu.be/DrucatOIvAI ](https://youtu.be/DrucatOIvAI ) [Note from Jack: The truck/landing part is at about 8:00 minutes.] I'm sure you'll find it interesting ;) Best regards, Sergey Your loyal listener from Moscow) Sent from my iPad