## Email subject: Liam & Sharon Subject: Episode 1012 Date: 2020-10-13 Hi guys, You may or may not remember us, but hopefully you’ll remember the ATSB swag bag we left with you at Osh17, and the oh-so-brief encounter after one of your morning podcast recordings at Osh19. Anyhow, after many years of listening, I FINALLY have reason to comment on an episode. And there’s not just one, but TWO things for me to mention. Firstly, my wife and I are the proud owners of one of the Qantas 747 bar carts. It seemed fitting to have a piece of memorabilia from an aircraft that first flew in the same year I was born, although the Australian examples have retired 3 years earlier than I will. ![Quantas Cart](http://uncontrolledairspace.com/img/2020/2020-10-13-quantas-cart.jpeg) Secondly, the video of the 172 runway incursion and go-around was filmed at Moorabbin (YMMB), a suburban GA / training aerodrome in Melbourne Victoria. I have a copy of the video saved to my work computer, dating from when the incident was reported to us at the ATSB. It’s a controlled aerodrome, and from memory the taxiing aircraft was dual and was instructed to hold short. Unfortunately the instructor was eyes-down and didn’t see the student taxi past the hold point until it was too late. The inbound 172 was a private hire, and powering up was probably their best option in the time available. Moorabbin is a challenging location, with 2 pairs of parallel runways, plus a crossing runway, and taxiways (with a few incursion hotspots) all over the place. Here’s a link to the runway chart: [runway chart](https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/pending/ersa/FAC_YMMB_05NOV2020.pdf) And yes, Tim Tam slams are a thing! You can (or could - it’s been a while) buy Tim Tams at Target in the US. But be warned - they can be addictive! Sadly it looks like our biannual visit to the US (and Oshkosh) won’t be possible next year, but here’s to staying safe, looking out for each other, and making the most of life until things improve. Blue skies! Liam (ATSB) and Sharon (CASA)