## Email: Thomas F Dade Collier Subject: KTNT Dade Collier Date: 2020-11-02 Hi Jack, Several episodes ago you guys spoke about the possibility of doing a UCAP episode from KTNT, Dade Collier. I had the opportunity to add it to my log book recently and thought I’d send a few photos. We left Marco Island, KMKY and stopped at X01, Everglades City a 2400’x50' strip with water on both ends and flew to KTNT a 10,500’x150" runway in the middle of the Florida Everglades and is almost long enough for my brother to his land his182 without a go around :) We parked on the massive ramp and were the only plane on the ramp. The runway and ramps are in remarkably good condition. It is truly an unusual place and well worth a visit. Thanks for all the years of UCAP Long time listener Tom F ![](2020-11-02-imgs/IMG_0114.png) ![](2020-11-02-imgs/IMG_0781.jpeg) ![](2020-11-02-imgs/IMG_0782.jpeg) ![](2020-11-02-imgs/IMG_0788.jpeg) ![](2020-11-02-imgs/IMG_7968.jpeg)