## Email: Dave Y Subject: Early aviation music Date: 2020-12-21 Hi Jack Hi Jeb Hi Dave, Holiday cheers. Early aviation music: ScratchyGrooves_573_Flying.mp3 I've been 'listerening' into UCAP since before it's mother gave it it's name. And my logbook contains a few hours in an Advanced Ultralight upon straight Floats. Great Big Thanks for UCAP'ing; hope you enjoy the found MP3... -David Young, Atlantic Canada eh Scratchy Grooves: a radio show hosted by Bill Chambers from 1984-2003 exploring the music and sounds of yesteryear (1900 to 1940), "scratches and all". ScratchyGrooves_573_Flyingshownots and direct link: https://scratchygrooves.com/page_9#yui_3_5_0_2_1495413961225_338 https://scratchygrooves.com/Scratchygrooves41899.mp3