## Hey Jack, Since you mentioned in the show...I happen to fly from one of the closest airports to this bridge (I68). In fact it is just south from our practice area. Sportys is also fairly close. As luck would have it, at the end of my checkride, after I took of the hood from doing instrument maneuvers, the examiner said “where are we” and the first thing I saw was the bridge. (I passed by the way!). Feel free to use my name and/or Twitter handle. Rob P.s. I’m the same guy that you mentioned on the show about a year ago when I hit some birds on final, about 18 hours into my training. Used the same plane for my solo and checkride!

Here’s a view of the “Martha Lunken bridge” from above (1000 AGL, of course). @ClassGAirspace @MaxTrescott pic.twitter.com/ct5LZnRWYZ

— Rob Ward (@JBalloonist) May 20, 2021