## Hi Jack, I am a Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer for QANTAS in Sydney Australia and I volunteer at the HARS Historical Aircraft Restoration Society in Wollongong, just south of Sydney. We recently acquired the Royal Australian Navy's, Historic Flight Collection and have the attached story displayed near our Auster and soon to be hangar mate, Hawker Seafury. I have also attached a link to a documentary/recreation that was put together some years ago (refer link below). It is a story that one might assume was a product of an over active imagination. I have listened to every episode and missed you at the tie down party, only for a geographic and timing error in 2016. Keep up the great work, I hope, as you all must, to get back to Oshkosh some time in the future and share a Leinenkugel or two... Regards Tim [PDF description of the event](/uncontrolledairspace.com/articles/2021/05-28-self-flying-ozzie-plane/Runaway-Auster.pdf) -----