## From: Constantine Subject: Buttonville Drone Accident Hi Jack, I am a new subscriber to Uncontrolled Airspace. Really enjoyed it on my walk today. I took interest of the Buttonville Police Drone accident because I just heard about it on Sunday at my Advanced Drone Pilot exam (aced it). https://www.avweb.com/aviation-news/172-substantially-damaged-by-police-drone/ I highlighted in yellow my own checklist (attached) to point out what was missing in the article regarding drones in Canada. My exam was near Buttonville Airport. 0. The drone would have to be registered with NAV Canada before take-off 1. The cops were in Controlled Airspace 2. They would not be allowed to fly that drone without the pilot being an 'Advanced' Drone Pilot before take-off 3. They would have had to file a 'RPAS Authorization Form' being in Controlled Airspace before take-off 4. They flew above 400ft therefore they would have had to file a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) before take-off 5. They caused a material accident; they would have had to call the Transport Safety Bureau and file a full report within 30 days and keep that record for a year I am 49 in a month and the drone world experience has me now studying for PPL Ground School. I will keep on listening to your fine podcast. Sincerely, Constantine