## Text Message from Rod Rakic Text Message from Rod Rakic Date: 2021-01-18 Hey Jack! Thank you for the shout out on this week’s episode. Our particular flight didn’t carry dry ice, the coolers used a different technology... but I did want to respond to the concern Jeb brought up....The thermal shipper being deployed by Pfizer uses high performance insulation materials has been measured to offgas a total of 85.67 grams per hour when exposed to ambient conditions of +20°C. For comparison, you can expect each pilot to exhale about 53g of Carbon Dioxide per hour. A crew of 2 puts more CO2 into the cabin than does a single box of this cargo. You’d have to carry a whole lot of these thermal shippers before there was a risk. This is a picture of a Thermal Shipper in a 182 for reference. As you can see, you wound run out of room pretty fast in light airplane. ![](UZAcLhPT.jpg) ![](im9OxKYJ.jpg)