## Email from Liam & Sharon in Australia Episode 1018 Hi again, As much as I love hearing your quaint colonial accents butchering the pronunciation of Australian place names, I thought I’d try to put this to bed once and for all. It’s MOORABBIN! Simple! 🤣 I’m not a linguist, but here’s my attempt to simplify it for you: First syllable - Muh. As in ‘Muh pickup truck is stuck in the muck’. Second syllable - RAB - this one is pretty straightforward Third syllable - bin. Like ‘bin chicken’ (Google it...) Put it all together, with the emphasis on the second syllable and the back half of the word sounding similar to rabbit, and we have muhRABbin. And linking things together one more time, Moorabbin is the home airport of another one of your listeners who I first met at the UCAP tie-down party in 2015, and he works for one of the 2 major players in the Australian EFB market (I won’t mention his name or company without his ok). We’ve caught up numerous times in Australia since then, thanks to the whole UCAP team for bringing the aviation world together. Cheers, Liam