## Email from Steve B Date: Mar 4, 2021 Subject: Camry's and break-in Jeb, Dave, Jack, Not sure why it came up in UCAP1020, but they still make Camry’s - just bought one… BTW, Jeb: that other vehicle in the picture is also going through its engine break-in. Since you are going through the same thing, it might be worth an Aviation safety article on operational considerations during break-in. Besides the usual issues breaking in a new engine (lack of recent pilot experience, need for thorough preflight, etc), I ran into some constraints I did not expect. For example I had to realize that the need for >75% power during break-in puts the TB20 into the yellow arc even in level flight. So break-in flights during turbulent conditions or over mountains in windy conditions are a no-no. And there is the tension between a thorough engine run-up, and the desire to run the engine >~75% most of the time to avoid cylinder glazing. Always looking forward to the next episode and next magazine. Keep them both up! Blue skies Stefan ![two vehicles](http://uncontrolledairspace.com/articles/2021/2021-03-04-steve-b/PastedGraphic-1.png)