## Email from William M I’m sure that you have figured this out already but, § 61.57(c)(1)(i) says: "Use of an airplane, powered-lift, helicopter, or airship for maintaining instrument experience. Within the 6 calendar months preceding the month of the flight, that person performed and logged at least the following tasks and iterations in an airplane, powered-lift, helicopter, or airship, as appropriate, for the instrument ratingprivileges to be maintained in actual weather conditions, or under simulated conditions using a view-limiting device that involves having performed the following - (i) Six instrument approaches. (ii) Holding procedures and tasks. (iii) Intercepting and tracking courses through the use of navigational electronic systems.” So, there is no specific number of instrument hours needed to stay current, just a number of tasks within 6 months. It is also possible to get all 6 “HITS” in an approved Aviation Training Device or simulator. For example, Gleim sells a BATD that is authorized. They have a copy of the letter of authorization from the FAA on their web site that spells out exactly what you can legally log and what the limitations are. https://www.gleimaviation.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Gleim_Virtual_Cockpit_BATD_LOA_SIGNED_scan_20201218.pdf Always enjoy the show. Thanks for the great work! Bill M, CFI-A, CFI-I, IGI, AGI, Com. ASEL, AMEL