## Hi Jack Going out for walks alone means finding something to listen to so I randomly selected episide 269 from the "back catalogue " Was interested that you thought the beer barrel Spitfire may not be true. It was. And they flew Hampshire Ale from Middle Wallop. British Ale is not carbonated so flat it should be, and not cold either. Both unlike American beer. Anyway, wondered if you wanred to pick up on this some 9 years later. A very good set of lectures, mostly done by my mate, Paul Beaver from ArmyFlyingMuseum at Midfle Wallop are available on the museum website, and one of the early ones covers the beer runs! Thanks al three of you for the continued entertainment looking forward to being welcomed back to the virtual hangar soon (I am sure you will catch the month delay up!) Dave W Amesbury Wiltshire UK