## Jack, Jeb, Dave, With all that talk about Moorabbin airport on UCAP1023, including Grant chiming in, I need to give a quick shoutout to Grant - when I visited Melbourne back in 2018 we met up at Moorabbin and did a short local flight together in VH-TYD. It was a fun day! Amazing what we could do pre-pandemic… Blue skies Stefan ![image](IMG_1961.jpg) --- REPLY from Jack: On Mar 26, 2021, at 7:42 AM, Jack Hodgson wrote: And so Moorabbin moves yet another notch higher on my Bucket List. Thanks Stefan. :-) // Jack --- FOLLOWUP from Stefan: Jeb, Just finished listening to the rest of UCAP1023. I found the Engine Break-in article in the December 2020 issue - thanks for pointing it out. Looks like work kept me too busy in fall to read the important stuff... BTW: I definitely am an Aviation Safety Magazine Subscriber - for about 15 years now. In my humble opinion it is the best aviation magazine out there, and the only one for which I keep past issues. I wouldn’t give it up for anything. So thank you for what you made out of the magazine - and don’t retire! ;-) Best Stefan ---