## On Sat, Feb 19, 2022 at 10:00 PM Michael L wrote: I never would have guessed that I’d be the subject of an off field landing news story. Kudos to the local reporter for not calling it a crash or an accident. [www.wthitv.com/news](https://www.wthitv.com/news/plane-makes-emergency-landing-in-clay-county/article_1e9461da-91d7-11ec-a6d9-6ba27e822e72.html) What a day! -- Michael L ----- On Feb 20, 2022, at 1:59 PM, Michael L wrote: I figured I’d follow up and send a few close up shots of the airplane for you guys to examine. I’d also like to call out the help I got after declaring an emergency with Holman Approach the controller did everything he could to help and contacted local law enforcement who met me just after I was on the ground. My flying club (airlakeaero.com) has also been a huge help offloading the recovery, repair, and insurance coordination. That allowed me to concentrate on finding my way home via rental car today. I realized through all this that it’s a hidden value of being part of a well-managed flying club in major situations like this. I’ll not quite [quote] the FAA inspector, but I also appreciated his speed in processing the airplane and allowing us to proceed with the recovery organization work. The upshot is that I managed to not bend the airplane in the landing! It continues to be an educational experience to see the processes that go into motion after an off field landing, but I’m very grateful to be unharmed and happy to be on the ground wishing I was in the air. This long drive back to Minnesota is giving me plenty of time to catch up with UCAP. Happy 15 years! ![](michael_l_1-blur.png) ![](michael_l_2-blur.png) ----- On Sun, Feb 20, 2022 at 1:13 PM Jack wrote: Micheal, Thanks for providing all the info. I'm glad the landing worked out for you. Congratulations for getting on the ground safely. (FYI, we currently have two eps in the can, so the soonest we'll talk about this is UCAP1044.) // Jack ----- No worries. I got more attention than I needed while I was on the ground in Indiana. This introvert is definitely not looking for fame. I just thought you guys might be interested that an actual listener had this experience. By the way, I filed, activated, and closed my VFR flight plans all through Foreflight. Indispensable tool. That team has got it so right. And the pattern trains blow their whistle at crossings is “Q” in Morse code. Your comment about it in a recent episode prompted me to do a bit more digging on the origins. One theory is that the British started using it to signify that Queen Victoria was on board, and everyone should give way. Another possible explanation was that the intersection should be “quarantined” to allow the train to pass. Thanks for getting together and inviting all of us listeners to join in. -----