## July 18 Sub: STC required for 94UL? Hi Jack and Jeb, I recently listened to your 11 July podcast in which you stated that if you want to use 94UL, your aircraft requires and STC. I have a 1955 Cessna 170B with a Continental C-145 engine. The Type Certificate Data Sheet for this aircraft specifies the approved fuel as “80 Min. octane aviation gasoline” Of course, 94UL falls into that category. On the Swift website, there is a search engine in which you can enter your aircraft and engine type to verify STC eligibility / requirement. As an aside, I have an auto fuel STC because of that one word “aviation” in my TCDS. Hope to see you at Oshkosh. regards, Steve --- My reply to Steve: Steve, That's an interesting observation about the STC requirement. I'll be looking into it. One thing I think it's important to note is, even if you don't need an STC to START using 94UL, I believe you're not supposed to mix it with 100LL, so it's a bit of a one way street. All or nothing. // Jack