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Battle of the flying septuagenarians

Comes now this piece from James Fallows, comparing and contrasting Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) and his news-making flight last year with Myrtle Rose’s a few days ago. He raises an excellent question. We’ll keep an ear to the ground for news on how the FAA treats Ms. Rose. If any reader comes across something, send [...]

AirVenture’s rockin’ pastor?

I’m not a very actively religious guy. But if this was the invocation at my local airshow I’d be OK with it. Boogity Boogity Boogity AMEN UPDATE: Turns out this is a slightly modified version of the original prayer. Here’s the original.

Big ducted fan with a seat strapped on

Over in the UCAP Forums listeners are talking about this unusual airplane. The Stipa-Caproni. Wikipedia | UCAP Forums

How “thrilling” is LaGuardia?

A couple episodes back we questioned the fact that Laguadia in New York City was included on a list of the “Most Thrilling” airports in the world. In the Forums, listener jarheadpilot82 educates us about the reality of flying into this field. As an Air Line pilot for over 22 years and with probably hundreds of [...]

FAA Extension: 21 now, old enough to drink…with a reason to do so…

The FAA has, as of this writing, less than three days left in its latest funding and authorizing extension — Number TWENTY for those counting — and its time for Congress to belly up to the bar and act grown up for a day. Pass a damned reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration. Quit using [...]

KASH UCAP/SMAC meetup big success

Group pic from yesterday’s joint UCAP/StuckMicAvCast meetup at KASH. l-r: David Torrente, Jim Goldman, Jeff Ward, Rob Cigliano, Len Costa, Kristen McAlister, Rick Felty, Dorie Cameron, Jack Hodgson, Rick Sheppe Photo: Jeff Ward


My, but we’ve had a lot of flotsam lately…and between work and keeping up, it’s challenged me to catch up here…but here goes…where to start…OK… New guy in the interim general aviation job at the TSA…gotta wonder what it is about that place that so encourages turnover…regardless, hope the interim is as good to work [...]

Airliner pilot and controller extend the discussion of flight-levels separation from UCAP239.

Listener Biggles71, an “airline captain (Airbus A330/A340)”: At high altitude it is very difficult to estimate vertical separation. I recall cruising at Fl390 over central Europe (Prague FIR to be precise) in an A320 about 10 years ago, when all of a sudden we noticed opposite traffic on TCAS at the same level. A controller [...]

Liberty Belle Video

Here’s a sweet video of the B-17 Liberty Belle’s recent, and final, visit to Massachusetts. Thanks Michael M of the Notes on Video blog.

Fourth of July!