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Welcome Jeff Ward

Jeff Ward is, of course, the guy who has been dutifully compiling the UCAP Shownotes for a few years. Now we’ve invited Jeff to have a bigger role in the UCAP family, and that has begun in the form of him becoming a regular contributor to this blog. Jeff’s passion for flying, and his forced [...]

Congratulations to the 2011 Bax Seat Trophy recipient

Fellow av journalist and podcaster Roy Beisswenger. As host of the Powered Sport Flying Radio Show and editor of its monthly magazine, Beisswenger will receive the Bax Seat Trophy tonight. Established by Flying Magazine, the award is given annually to a journalist who communicates the excitement and romance of grassroots aviation. Beisswenger’s weekly two-hour radio show [...]


I was recently  introduced to the concept of FOMO by my wife.  “FOMO?”     “You know, FOMO:  Fear Of Missing Out!”     Hmm…What had prompted her to mention this was the sight of me, glued to my Droid X, standing frozen in place in the middle of the living room.  (I’m pretty sure she perceives my smart-phone to be [...]

UCAP Video Experiment

Thanks to the seven folks who volunteered to help us out with a video experiment. back row, l-r: Tim, Ed, Stephen, Jim, Dave, Jonathan, Randy. front: Jeb, Dave, Jack

B-29 Fifi arrives at AirVenture Oshkosh 2011

UCAP gang’s scribblings in the AirVenture Today newspaper

As you probably know, in addition to being world-famous podcasting celebrities, Jeb, Dave and me are staffers for the AirVenture Today daily paper here at the show. As an aid in following our riveting accounts of the goings-on, here are links to the stories we’ve done: AirVenture 2011: Drier, more accessible, cleared for takeoff (Dave) [...]

More pics from AirVenture Oshkosh 2011

I’ve added some more pics to my Flickr collection.

UCAP is everywhere!

UCAP pal Dave Allen is here in Oshkosh producing a series of daily video reports about the fly-in. He published his first ep last night, and in a little-bit-freaky, “small world” coincidence, he caught Dave, Jeb and I in the background of his shot. We were out there recording the UCAP Daily #244delta. Check out [...]

Pics from Oshkosh 2011

I’ve started posting pic from OSH 2011 here on my flickr account.

AirVenture Oshkosh 2011 Day Zero

We’ve been having a great time here so far in Oshkosh, and the show has only really started today. I’ve been collecting up some pics and videos. Eventually I’ll post them, so please stay tuned. One thing I’m looking forward to today is to go see Burt Rutan’s awesome twin “Boomerang”. I’ll get some pics. [...]