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Sixth-graders construct light sport plane in classroom.

Sixth-graders construct light sport plane in classroom  - Victorville Daily Press. Three months later, 34 students in Covert’s class are less than a week away from completing the construction of a Quick Silver Sport 2S light sport aircraft, with an adjoining classroom to Covert’s class now named “Hangar 24” and reserved for the preteen “aeronautical [...]

Piper Sport Collectables?

A couple of those Piper Sport t-shirts would have been excellent additions to my collection of defunct-aviation company marketing flotsam — like my Avolar ball cap and key fob…remnants of United Airlines’ brief flirtation with general aviation Maybe one of my Piper friends can snag me a couple; XLG – Dave

Gobosh Aviation Sold

From AvWeb: Gobosh Aviation has been sold to Aerospace Capital Partners LLC, which operates a flight school in Denver using three Gobosh aircraft. The announcement came during the annual U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Fla. … The new owner, headed by Chris Dillis, is taking aim at the training market, which he says is [...]

Fire Sale on PiperSport T-shirts

I took a bunch of pics at the Sebring show this week. I’ll be posting more soon, but here’s one that’s a favorite: