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AcroCamp — Jack flies in the Pitts

They backed me into a corner. I had no choice. (OK I admit that I secretly wanted to do it, but I was kinda scared shitless by the whole idea.) So I let them strap me in, and I “flew” the Pitts S-2B. I’m still digesting the experience — and I’ll say more about it [...]

AcroCamp Web Presence

There’s a lot of online stuff going on this time at AcroCamp. Here’s a list in progress of the people who are here participating in the event. (I’ll be updating this list as I collect all the URLs, so check back.) Campers Mary “Ruby Riptide” Macdonald | twitter David Allen | twitter More to come… [...]

Irene’s Impact on Aviation

In UCAP 251 we talked about how Hurricane Irene might impact Jeb on the west coast of Florida. Soon after we recorded that, the predicted track changed, and now Irene is barreling down on the northern east coast of the US. Up here in Michigan we’re hearing stories of how regional military aviation bases are having all [...]

AcroCamp Airborne

The last of the four AcroCampers have launched for their first flights. ACers Ruby and Denise came back from their first flights with the should-be-patented “AcroCamp Grins” on their faces. Denise was particulary anxious about her first flight, but returned raving about how much fun it was. Unexpected ACer Dave Allen was the last to [...]

AcroCamp gets started in ernest

The first REAL day of AcroCamp has begun. Instructor Don Weaver and AcroCamper Mary “Ruby Riptide” Macdonald briefed, suited up, climbed into the Pitts and took off. This isn’t actually a training flight. Don needed to hop over to Pontiac to pick up some gear for the training, and Ruby got to go along for [...]

“Big Surprise” The Behind the Scenes at AcroCamp 2 Podcast

“Big Surprise” The Behind the Scenes at AcroCamp 2 Podcast Episode Bravo. This afternoon, as the AcroCamp ground school was beginning something very unusual happened, when unexpectedly one of the AC crew members changed roles and became one of the students. I talked to AC Director Steve Tupper about it. [Audio clip: view full post [...]

AcroCamp: AcroCamper Michelle Kole arrives

AcroCamper Michelle Kole, from AcroCamp 1, has just arrived. She flew in with her Dad and Uncle, in her Dad’s V-tail Bonanza. We heard her call in on the CTAF so we were out by the runway when she arrived. She made a beautiful approach, no suprise, but on short final she seemed close to [...]

“Dawn Patrol” Behind the Scenes at AcroCamp 2 Podcast

“Dawn Patrol” Behind the Scenes at AcroCamp 2 Podcast Episode Alpha. Jack talks with AcroCamp Creator and Chief Cook & Bottle Washer Steve Tupper at dawn on official Day One of AcroCamp 2. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Direct Link to audio.

Uncontrolled Airspace Episode #250 “Potato Cannon”

The boys ponder flying anvils, lost blimps, and green terminals. Uncontrolled Airspace Episode #250. Recorded: Thu, 18 Aug 2011 18:00:00 -0400 Jeb Burnside, Dave Higdon, Jack Hodgson Shownotes | Direct link to mp3 audio file of show (right-click to download/save).

Acrocamp: On the ground at Ray Airport

Arrived safely in Michigan. Before arriving at Steve Tupper’s home I stopped by Ray Community Airport. I just couldn’t wait till tomorrow’s scheduled first day on airport. I took a couple pics. I’ll be starting a Flickr set soon, but for now here’s my reproduction of the google street view screengrab I took. Just like [...]