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Reno Air Races Crash

As you probably know by now, a modified P-51 race plane, flown by highly experienced pilot Jimmy Leeward, crashed during a race Friday at the annual Races. The plane impacted either very near, or actually among the spectators of the race. The deaths of Leeward, and two spectators seems to be confirmed. There are all [...]

September 11, 2011

Our thoughts this morning are with the victims of the September 11 attacks, their families and their loved ones. And our profound thanks go out to all who responded and served, on that day, and since.

Flying a beat

California Sheriff Adds Light Sport Airplane To Fleet Light sport aircraft are marketed to pilots (and prospective pilots) as a safe, economical and a relatively simple way to fly. Now it turns out the same pitch is working for law enforcement. The Tulare County Sheriff’s Department is the first agency in the country to put [...]

Irene video

Not really a GA item, but this video of TS/Hurricane Irene is pretty cool. And sobering. Watch how “she” rotates. It’s easy to anthropomorphize it into an evil entity.

Happy Birthday C-17

“C-17 delivers 20th anniversary lesson for defence contractors” If you’ve never seen a flight demonstration of the C-17 you’re missing out. Pretty amazing maneuverability. Watching it fly makes me think more of a fighter plane than a cargo carrier.

Don Weaver presenting EAA Webinar on Acro

On Thursday September 15 at 7 PM AcroCamp CFI Don Weaver will be presenting an EAA Webinar on The Aerodynamics of Basic Aerobatic Flight.

UCAP Back-Taxi: Episode 1

(One of the things I want to do in the blog is to celebrate UCAP’s longevity by revisiting some past episodes and following up on some of the stories.  As you can see, I’m labeling these retrospective posts “UCAP Back-Taxi”.  Hope you like them – comments welcomed!)   I recently gave a re-listen to Episode 1 of [...]