Toriaflies: First Flight

Victoria Neuville gives us this nice story, in her aviation themed blog, reminiscing about her first flight.

My first flight was when I was a newly licensed driver, I had just completed ground school with my father and signed up for my discovery flight.  I was nervous and excited, to make matters worse, my flight instructor was cute AND had a great accent!  That was a combination that proved overwhelming for a teenage girl.  I remember being in awe at the fact that he let me take off all by myself; it proved to be a steep climb in which my father recalls almost loosing his stomach in the back seat.  We did some turns to practice handling the airplane and the instructor commented on how smooth I was at the controls.  “The cute pilot complimented me! Eeek!” I most likely turned a great shade of tomato.  I landed with assistance and ran off the next morning to tell all my classmates how I was going to be a pilot!

“Toria” is also involved in a promising program to introduce aviation to new flyers.

Toriaflies: First Flight.