AOPA Online: Biofuel-powered speed record confirmed

Smokey Young and his Formula 1 race plane

According to this story, Richard “Smokey” Young has set a new world record in his Formula One racer. The hook here is that the plane was fueled with “Swift Fuel”, which is one of the more promising new 100LL replacements.

I’m not clear from this story whether this flight was fueled with the version of Swift Fuel which is actually made from biomass. Most recent samples they’ve made were from petroleum stock. If from biomass, this would be a very promising milestone.

AOPA Online: Biofuel-powered speed record confirmed.


  1. Smokey Young says:

    The fuel I used for both flight testing and the record flight was derived from sorghum and sugar beets. Smokey Young

  2. There will be lots of worry for folks coming into the biodiesel sector on wheather to examine and create a piece of equipment and then simply have an attempt at producing biofuel via details they may have gleaned over the web or whether or not to simply obtain a pre engineered system which is witout a doubt will work properly