Flight Monkeys Expand and Extend

Chief Flight Monkey Jamie Beckett expands upon our conversation in UCAP 240 about the Stinson taildragger that executed (just barely) a grass field takeoff which was captured on video.

Jamie writes, in part:

While the ending of this video may give you a chuckle, it’s important for those of us who teach people to fly for a living, or espouse the greatness of a life in aviation, to be honest and admit – this isn’t funny. Not one bit.

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A few days after this video went viral a text message appeared on the net that claimed to be from the pilot. It was posted in the UCAP Forums by Ruckin.

Oh dear… Have to ‘fess up. Things do come back to haunt one, don’t they? This was me, Selina, in GYYF. Of course I have already received this video a few times in the last couple of days. I think it was 1999 or 2000.

Just about the best learning experience I’ve every had… And probably the scariest.

Read the whole thing here.