FAA about to Shutdown?

It’s looking like this FAA “shutdown” is about the happen. And right on the eve of the Oshkosh Airventure fly-in.

The buzz around here is that this will have little or no impact on the operation of the fly-in. The controllers will be considered “essential” and stay on the job. The briefers of course are no longer FAA employees, so no problem there.

But it’s likely that the FAA exhibits — a whole hangars worth — as well as the FAA Forums will be cancelled. I was just talking to some people and we’re wondering if the FAA “Meet The Administrator” session will happen?

I need to talk to Jeb and Dave, who are the UCAP governmental experts, and find out how long this could last. One report said that Congress has now adjourned. But will they be back on Monday? Saturday? Aug 1st? After Labor Day?

This will certainly add an interesting layer to the fly-in this year.

UPDATE: Here’s EAA’s announcement about FAA support of the fly-in. Pretty much what I said above.