How “thrilling” is LaGuardia?

A couple episodes back we questioned the fact that Laguadia in New York City was included on a list of the “Most Thrilling” airports in the world.

In the Forums, listener jarheadpilot82 educates us about the reality of flying into this field.

As an Air Line pilot for over 22 years and with probably hundreds of landings in LGA, I would agree that LGA can be a fun (at times), and only somewhat demanding approach (at times). But let one thing happen- the weather comes in, or crosswinds pick up, or gusty winds start gusting, or even good weather after the bad weather has come through the New York area, and everybody and their uncle is trying to get into LGA, with the controllers running approaches with minimal VFR separation- and you are looking at one demanding approach.

Thanks to jarheadpilot82.

Read his entire post here.