Acrocamp — Rest Day

Today, Sunday, has been a scheduled rest day for AcroCamp.

After AcroCamp 1 one of the pieces of feedback was that 4 1/2 days back to back was a bit wearing, especially for the campers and instructors who not be getting overly fatigued. So this time our AcroCamp overlords built in a day of rest. Today.

If we had had delays on weather problems the day of rest might have been cancelled in order to catch up, but the weather’s been spectacular, so we all kicked back today.

Everyone slept late — especially after last night’s midway party, which ran late into the evening. IP Don and Camper Ruby took the Pitts over the the airport open house at Pontiac where it was scheduled to give rides. The rest of us gathered for lunch here at Ray.

After lunch many drove over to Pontiac to see what was up.

Soon we’ll all be gathering for dinner and quiet evening before we get back into the AC swing tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning we’ll resume all our flight and training activities. These blog entries will resume in ernest and the twitter and other streams should come back to life.

One Comment

  1. Tom Freundl says:

    I thought I saw the Pitts flying back last night when I was mowing my lawn. Now that confirms it. I was hoping to get over to Pontiac, but I just had too much to do on Sunday.