Acrocamp — Flight Ops Going

The flying has started here at Day 4. The AcroCampers were getting a little itchy ’cause they all wanted to fly, after the day off. But we had to do some moviemaking, recording biography interviews with the cast.

We started with CFI Barry, and campers David K and Denise.

But that’s done for now, and the training has resumed.

BTW, while we were shooting the interviews, AcroCamper Alum Michelle Kole got to go for a quick hop with Barry in the Citabria. She and AC Alum Lynda Meeks have been a great help at AC2. They’ve been running cameras, holding mics, and┬ácounseling┬áthe AC2 campers. It’s been great to see them again.

[Lynda Meeks & Michelle Kole]