AOPA Summit — Just arrived

Arrived at the AOPA Summit here in Hartford about 90 mins ago. I’ve already crossed paths with a couple friends. People are telling me that the crowd is smaller than expected. This is my first AOPO in a long time so I’m no judge.

I’ve heard good things about the Administrator’s Keynote this morning. Sorry I missed it, but no way was I gonna make it here by 8. Hopefully it will be replayed on AOPA Live.

BTW, as I was standing just inside the exhibit hall talking with Jeff Ward, the Administrator was standing nearby. In my imagination he wanted to say hi, but didn’t want to bother us. I guess that’s probably not the real reason.

Stood in the back of a “weather in New England” session just now for a few mins. Interesting info, but much that I’d heard before. I’m especially looking fwd to tomorrow’s “interesting airports in the east” session.

Oh, and don’t forget that the UCAP Meetup this afternoon. 5 pm at the Arch St Tavern, just across the street from the convention center.