“Mythbusters’” Duct Tape BeLite Rewind…

Not quite like Bill Murray and “Ground Hog Day” — it’s a day early, for one thing…but if you tune in “Mythbusters” the afternoon of Friday, Feb. 1, you just may think you’ve experiencing a flashback…

You see, we just got word from our friends the Wiebe’s at BeLite that the “Mythbusters” Duct Tape Airplane episode is returning…here’s James’ note:

“The Discovery Channel has scheduled a rerun of the “Duct Tape Plane” episode for this Friday, February 1, at 2:00 EST / 1:00 CST. Check your local listings for the time in your zone.

“Many of you missed seeing James and the Belite perform in the MythBusters Duct Tape plane — now’s your chance to catch the rewind!

“Here’s some trivia:

“1. The aircraft featured in that episode was a Sun N Fun winner from 2011, reworked from a tricycle gear configuration to a taildragger configuration to meet the needs of Mythbusters. It is currently in the Mythbusters traveling tour.

“2. The airport were the episode was filmed was the New Jersualem airport in California, about 60 miles from San Francisco and the MythBusters production facility.

“3. James did all of the flying, except for the last segment when the plane was totally covered in Duct Tape. That segment was flown by a well known test pilot, Dave Morss.

“4. The airplane had a small 28HP engine, yet gave great performance.”

Additionally, James has updated his blog with photos of the MythBusters Duct Tape Plane experience, some of which have never been published before.

Here’s that link:


Since this runs during my work hours, looks like a job for the DVR….going to snag it to watch this weekend….

Shiny side up! And don’t forget to “DUCT!”