Cost of Databases

Tell us about the things in your panels and flight bags.
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Cost of Databases

Postby champguy » Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:48 am

Free downloads of current approach plates and A/FDs

got the link out of AOPA Pilot last night when couldn't sleep

Once again, useful source that may work for many, but for in flight VFR I still like my paper "Flight Guide" better. It has additional info, and doesn't break when it hits the floor or I toss it to the glare shield cause I need to look out the window and use both hands to "fly the plane".
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Re: Cost of Databases

Postby JHWellington » Wed Nov 18, 2009 9:54 am

I use this on a Kindle DX and it's works great. I use the Kindle ONLY AS A BACKUP -- I take paper plates for my primary and alternate airports. It's great not having to bring all the approach books. I also have the POH and all the avionics manuals on the Kindle as well as my checklists. Again, I have these all as BACKUP.

If you were going to use the Kindle DX as PRIMARY, i would recommend for $9.99 per month. They provide every plate in the US and the AFD. The navigation feature is far superior and I think critical for everyday use in the cockpit.

Just one man's opinion.
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