AdventurePilot iFly 700 GPS

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AdventurePilot iFly 700 GPS

Postby dfortnam » Sat Jan 30, 2010 10:36 am

I just purchased an iFly 700 from Adventurepilot. It is a brand new touch screen handheld aviation GPS and electronic chart solution.

I bought it primarily for when I rent other not so well equipped aircraft (I belong to a flying club with an A36 Bonanza with Garmin 480 and Garmin 496 for XM weather) and also for an electronic chart solution. So far, I am very impressed with the unit. It costs $499 and the annual subscription cost is $70. It contains all the US sectional charts (NACO), airport diagrams, approach charts, and TFR’s. The sectionals are geo referenced and they are planning to add geo referenced airport and approach charts soon. The unit has a 7” display and is very readable. Have not had a chance to view it in full sunlight yet, but others say it is OK. The unit has flight planningand the usual gs, ete, alt, true course, heading, etc. displays.

The unit has no internal battery but runs on 12-28 v and includes car and 110 house power cords. There are 3rd party battery solutions you can buy.

I’m not usually on the bleeding edge of buying something like this, but I was so impressed with the unit and the fact that they offer a 100% guarantee and you can return the unit within 30 days for 100% refund (they even reimburse shipping both ways), that I thought I would give it a try.

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