Skydemon, Moving map, Flight Planning, Navigation..etc

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Skydemon, Moving map, Flight Planning, Navigation..etc

Postby dansmusicuk1 » Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:27 am

Hello Aviators

I just started using this new product and think its fantastic. It’s a UK based product but now setup for world wide use.

With Skydemon you can download and display the weather the Notam’s and airspaces on your flight path onto your
Tablet / PDA / Laptop, Anything with a GPS.

Basically it’s an Interactive Vector Moving Map. Complete with airspace- terrain warnings and
It even tells you who you should be talking to and on what frequency you should be on.

It also will show a glide path for an approach on the display. Complete with projected vertical flightpath.
displaying all the features ahead and brings an unprecedented level of situational awareness.

Well worth a look at the free 30 day trial download.

And no I dont work for the company, i just think its a very cool new product.

Happy Landings
Dan G

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