Cockpit organizer, Saunders Redi-Rite

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Cockpit organizer, Saunders Redi-Rite

Postby Speyers » Sat Sep 04, 2010 11:55 am

I have been using a clipboard made my Saunders for the last 2 years in the cockpit. I find it very useful for holding charts, approach plate books, plotters, pens, calculators, and other papers. Here is a link to the once I purchased. The model is called "Redi-Rite"
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Stickers are optional.
Amazon has them for a reasonable price. ... B002CO40LC
I would recommend getting the 14 inch model as that will allow you to store sectional charts inside without having to fold them. I have found that some Velcro goes a long ways in helping to keep things organized and say in place.
If you want more storage space, look at the "Cruiser Mate" model from Saunders as it has and additional upper tray for storage. I used one of these until a motorcycle accident wrecked it.

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