Update to Flight Planning 1.3.0

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Update to Flight Planning 1.3.0

Postby Punky » Mon Jun 30, 2008 3:25 pm

There's been several updates to the Flight Planning software (free download). The most recent version today not only fixes some bugs but also accommodates IFR flight plans.

I should mention that the new Firefox 3.0 doesn't display the page/Java correctly (at least for me) so you should avoid using it.
Go to

And go to the flight planning folder. Current users can just download up to date components from the Current folder (downloaded the MDB file however will over write yours so don't download that one if you have your own planes/plans entered). New users can download the large ZIP file and run the setup to install the program.

Some release notes since v1.2.9 :

Version 1.3.0 - June 30, 2009

Fixed problem with rows after a row deletion or insertion are not always recalculated.
All rows in a flight plan are not recalculated when a plan is loaded.
Fixed problem with report where the Trip Fuel Reserve warning was not highlighted.
Fixed some small bug/errors that caused the program to exit after displaying the error.
Blanked out the Altitude column for Landings and Takeoffs (not needed).
Now shows the average climb TAS for climb legs.

Added the option to the right-click pop-up menu on the flight builder screen to build a return route (based on the flight plan so far).

Added support for IFR flight plans:
- Prompt for "VIA" after performing the "Find Track and Distance" on a cruise leg. You should include the victor airway or any other data you wish printed/displayed for that leg.
- VFR flight plans default to :30 reserves (up to you to change it to :45 for night), and :45 for IFR
- Saves your plans as IFR or VFR in the flight plan database.
- To calc your Alternate reserves, simply continue your flight plan with a departure at your destination, a climb, and then landing at your alternate.
- Printed flight plan does not say "IFR" unless you have "IFR" in the name.
- The check for # of landings v number of take offs is disabled for IFR plans to accommodate missed approaches

Version 1.2.13 - June 06, 2008

Fixed some minor bugs and UI problems in the Flight Builder Screen.

Version 1.2.12 - Apr 24, 2008

The weather station column (wxStn) was not being populated in the Flight Builder grid.
You now have the abilty to put in your own wxStn for Cruise legs of your flight plan, in case you want to overwrite the assigned station.

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