Kindle DX for Approach Plates

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Kindle DX for Approach Plates

Postby JHWellington » Thu Aug 06, 2009 9:32 am

I have been using the Kindle DX for approach plates for the last month and have just cancelled my Jeppesen subscription. The plates look fantastic on the Kindle, and with the help of a web site, they come easily organized and simple to transfer to the Kindle.

I now print the plates for my primary airport and alternatives, but instead of then taking everything in my route of flight with me, I now just make sure the Kindle is in the flight bag. http://www.pdfplates date stamps the plates so you can carry both current and future months with you at the same time. They also have AF/D available and, oh yeah, the downloads are FREE.

FlightGuides, now make their product available for download onto the Kindle for a charge. In addition, I have my POH, user guides for all my avionics and my checklists available on the DX. I highly recommend this product to pilots to cut down on the amount of paper in the cockpit.

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