Take over the mainstream media

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Take over the mainstream media

Postby koehn » Fri Jan 29, 2010 1:55 pm

In the guise of "smothering them with kindness," how about we make an effort to take local media folks up for a ride? Bring them inside the fence, show them how safe flying can be, every step of the way. Walk them through the preflight, carefully explaining why we do these critical steps. Explain the runup, ATC (or CTAF), and why planes don't generally bump into one another.

Then, run them through the common causes of accidents. Do some slow flight and stalls. Don't try to hide it; instead embrace what we're all trying to do to keep the accident rates down. Tell them about ASF and FAASTeam. Explain about currency requirements and flight reviews. Talk about recent accidents in the area that they'll know about. Talk about famous accidents (JFK Jr.). You probably don't know what caused them, but explain what causes similar accidents and how we try to prevent them.

No cameras, no articles. Just take them up as you would anybody else curious about GA. That way, the next time there's an accident, they're in a better position to report about it intelligently. Maybe they'll call you for some background and fact checking. Maybe the article about the next accident won't be so frightening.

Maybe you'll make it easier for somebody else to move beyond their fears and come inside the fence. A ride isn't too big a price to pay, is it?

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Re: Take over the mainstream media

Postby mvbluegrassflyer » Wed Apr 20, 2011 2:38 pm

I've heard of people doing this for years and for the very reason you stated. Like everything else, folks tend to forget about the power of experience. After speaking to some of the people at the newspaper which reported the "Crash", and trying to straighten them out about the difference between an OFL and a true crash.... find it's just not an easy exercise. http://www.mvtimes.com/marthas-vineyard/article.php?id=4939 Even after taking all that time, the people I spoke to simply ended the conversation with: "Thanks for clearing up the questions about the crash." (Heavy sigh).
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Re: Take over the mainstream media

Postby ATC_Ben » Sun Apr 24, 2011 9:57 pm

I maintain that there should be a rule somewhere that you should hold a minimum of a PPL to be an 'Aviation' reporter. At least that way the reporting would have some clue.
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