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New Owner - What a headache

Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 6:28 pm
by AviatorX
I am the new owner of a '62 Cherokee 180 and boy was it a bit of a headache. Unfortunately the previous owner passed, so his son was tasked with liquidating the estate. Up until 5 months ago, it was kept in a hangar.
The son knew nothing about aviation. We struck a deal, and after finding out exactly what was needed to transfer ownership from the deceased owner to me, paperwork was sent to the FAA.

In case anyone is interested you will need a "certified true copy" of the letter naming the seller as the administrator of the estate. This should come from the court itself and have the raised embossed seal. Notaries in some states are able to certify a true copy.

The airplane is getting an owner assisted annual done. Another headache which may be another post later.

I can't wait until my RV is done...