Newer New Plane !!!

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Newer New Plane !!!

Postby SkiandflyUtah » Fri Jun 06, 2014 7:08 pm

Ooops, I did it again!

My only regret in purchasing the 1976 Rockwell Commander 112 HS last year was that it shut down my opportunities to exercise a recently acquired tail-wheel endorsement.

Apparently things were happening for a reason as one year later I've been fortunate to find a 1952 Piper Tripacer, that was previously converted back to a tail dragger AND more recently rebuilt from the ground up with some nice "modern day" improvements like GPS, Maule tail-wheel, and JPI engine monitor for about what a decent economy-car costs in today's market.

Yes, new aircraft are wonderful and glass panels are the cat's meow but -- for significantly less than a newer, modestly-equipped LSA I'm fortunate to be able to fly both a 145kt cross-country IFR cruiser with 430 & GPSS steering/panel-mount 696/2-axis auto-pilot with alt. hold & a kick-ass, "let's see how short we can take-off & land" $100 hamburger machine.

I should point out that having a good mechanic like Gary with the "Flying Wrench" here in SLC and a great insurance agent like Raynor at Aviators Insurance Agency in Van Nuys, CA make it all possible.

I started to say I should go buy a LOTTO ticket but I think I've already hit the Jackpot! :D

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