Central Region Medical Office

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Central Region Medical Office

Postby kellyrw » Thu Mar 04, 2010 11:42 am

Just posting this here as a heads up for anyone flying in the midwest and looking at an upcoming flight physical. There is a new (not sure how new) Regional Flight Surgeon running the Central Region Med Office in Kansas City, Dr. Larry F. Wilson. It appears from my experience, as well as other pilots I'm aware of in the Missouri Pilots Association, that he is on some kind of mission. It appears that he is (gotta be careful what I say here) significantly more concerned regarding what it takes to pass a flight physical than other regional flight surgeons. In my own travails, I contacted the AOPA medical section, they knew who I was talking about when I said his first name (a bad sign, I thought) and told me he is the most strict of all the flight surgeons. It seems he is causing significant delays and increased costs even for pilots who have had 3rd class medicals for years, specifically requesting information about med certs from years ago or threatening denial of the current medical (in my case, I'm dealing with an issue from 2006, which was almost 2 years before my first 3rd class medical). I know of pilots who have contacted the Head Federal Air Surgeon (his boss) about this, not sure about the outcome. Forewarned is forearmed.

A side note, I decided since I was only a 4 hour drive from KC, instead of handling the issue through the mail, I would just drive over and speak to them in person. I drove to the Federal Bldg in downtown KC, got there at 4 p.m., went in to the lobby and was told (1) "It's 4 o'clock, they're all gone, and (2) "You can't go up there but if you come back in the morning, I'll see if somebody will come down to speak with you." (This was by the armed guard at the lobby entrance.) I told him I was glad to see my tax dollars hard at work, and am making use of the USPS.

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Re: Central Region Medical Office

Postby DCFlyer » Wed Apr 21, 2010 10:35 am

I have had a similar issue here in the DC area with an AME doctor (Scott Samuels). I should have ran out the door when he told me that flying was dangerous! The exam was for my 3rd class medical (so I can solo). When I got ready to leave he said that he had to refer my medical to OKC for an issue I had ten years ago that has since been cleared up completely. I even had a physical from my primary care doctor before my flight physical. I was dumfounded. I also reviewed the AME guide and found no reasons why he would need to defer me.

He did not give me any information other than I should call OKC in a few weeks. When I did call OKC they had not received any information from the AME. I had to call his office and have them "send" the deferral again.
The worst thing about this guy was the woeful lack of information he provided. I am new to this and he was not helpful at all.

My concerns are not sour grapes. I am well aware of the precautions taken by the FAA in order to ensure flight safety. In my case, I am certain this is one of lack of knowledge, indifference or both. If anyone knows how long it takes OKC to look at deferments I would like to know since they are not giving me any timeframes or information. Alternatively if there are other avenues I can pursue to expedite the process. Could I go to another AME for a medical even though I have already had one?

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