Research Paper on ADS-B vs. Current ATC System

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Research Paper on ADS-B vs. Current ATC System

Postby MNpilot1994 » Sat Sep 08, 2012 7:42 pm

Hey everyone,
I am a senior in highschool and i will be doing a research paper on the pros and cons of both ADS-B and our current ATC system. Right now i am looking for credible sources (yes i am able to use UCAP transcripts.... if there are any??). Any type of source would help. Thanks!

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Re: Research Paper on ADS-B vs. Current ATC System

Postby cozy171bh » Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:04 pm

I am sorry I did not see your post earlier. I'm sure you already completed your paper - very challenging topic for a high-school paper. I applaud your efforts!

I suggest you conduct a search of Blended Airspace or Virtual Tower concepts. SAAB is developing Virtual Tower technologies. The State of Colorado uses Blended Airspace to provide tower-like services. There is a connection with ADS-B in that Blended Airspace in the future will benefit from the technology. For us in the airline business, the benefit will be better awareness of local traffic for those operations into airports that do not have a manned control tower.

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