Sun n Fun 2017

Postings about organizing, and reporting on, informal gatherings of UCAP listeners.
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Sun n Fun 2017

Postby jimg » Wed Mar 15, 2017 5:01 pm

Sun 'n Fun 2017 is coming up: April 4 through 9 (Tuesday through Sunday). For those who might be in the area (hey, why not?), the Uncontrolled Airspace on-air team, helpers, hangers-on, fans, gawkers, stalkers, etc. tend to hang near or around the Sun 'n Fun radio building. So keep one eye on that area during the event week for celebrity sightings.

Hopefully Jack will post the schedule (once settled) for when the Uncontrolled Airspace "live" episodes will air on SnF Radio. You can listen to the live stream on or better yet listen and watch from in front of the radio building. Or you can listen using your portable AM radio (remember those?) on the grounds of Lakeland airport on 1510 am.

Meetups? While we don't have anything quite as definite as the "Tie-Down" party at AirVenture, one idea is to find other UCAP fans and head off for food/drink after one of the live episodes at the radio station. Just thinking out loud here.

I plan to be at the Sun 'n Fun 2017 Fly-in/Expo all week. See ya there.

Jim G

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Re: Sun n Fun 2017

Postby AirportDude » Fri Mar 17, 2017 6:50 am

Wish I could make it, as I'm only about 7 hours up the road. But we have a big fly-in event at the same time called the Masters Tournament, and I can't break-away!!!

Have a great time and if you're able, hoist a cold one for another busy airport!!

Jeff (the other one)
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