FWIW, Jeb doesn't stutter

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FWIW, Jeb doesn't stutter

Postby jackhodgson » Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:53 am

A couple months ago Jeb moved into his new house. Internet connectivity-wise he's had marginal service ever since moving to this residential airpark, but when moving within the development he has traded one kind of problem for another.

Since moving we're regularly hearing these silent moments from Jeb, where he pauses mid syllable, is quiet for a second or two, then continues, sometime repeating that last syllable.

This is not actually Jeb, it's an artifact of Jeb's internet connection. It seems that the Skype internet phone system tries to correct for the poor quality of Jeb's connection for as long as it can, but periodically it needs to catch up, by inserting this silence while things re-sync.

We're always trying to come up with ways to improve Jeb's internet service, but in the meantime, the compensation is, as they say, "it's got a runway in the front yard". That's a tradeoff I'd make too.

// Jack

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